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On coming out…

Damn… looking at this picture, I’m thinking that I am going to have to come out of the closet with this all soon:


I mean, wow! Believe it or not, I’ve only gained 3 lbs in this trimester. By the way my clothes fit, it feels like a whole heck of a lot more. I’m fully in maternity pants, but can still fit into many of my regular skirts… for now.

This past week has been kind of rough for me. The effects of last week’s incident have finally started to rise up from the place where I neatly pushed them down. I’ve been a bit of a wreck, but am doing my best to deal with everything. I’ve got my NT scan tomorrow, so it’ll be nice to have another opportunity to see that everything is okay. In my heart of hearts, I know it will be.

On a funnier note, my mother has been shaking down the neighbors for their unneeded baby items. Their across-the-street neighbors were piling things for Goodwill. She managed to get me great things: 2 strollers (one regular, one umbrella), a pack and play, 2 baby bjorns, a video baby monitor (something I’d never buy for myself), 2 baby swings… the list goes on. It was really generous of them to give me so much, even if they were just planning on giving it to charity. I told my best friend who’s getting married in two weeks that she better clear some space, because when I’m done with everything, it’s going to her.

My mom tells me, “oh, this is only the beginning.” She’s bursting at the seams to make it public to the world. My parents have informed us that they are outing us to the rest of the family this weekend. That should be interesting… especially seeing the reactions of my 7 nieces and nephews at the news of a baby cousin.

It’s weird, I am kind of afraid to tell anyone. The scare just makes it worse. I think once it’s out there I’ll be a little more comfortable with it, but right now I’m hesitant. But as you can see above, I can’t hide it for much longer!


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I haven’t been really on it about taking pictures every week. But behold the 10w5d belly:


What a difference from the last shot! Yes, I gave in and bought some maternity shorts. The bella band was okay, but these are much more comfortable. I can’t help but wonder if people are thinking damn she’s getting FAT. Admittedly, I’m pretty self conscious about it. I keep telling The Boy that it’s not baby, but just bloat, but he’s having none of it. To him it’s all “baby related” so it doesn’t matter which it is. He’s so excited about this, it’s adorable.

My second appointment is already coming up next week and my NT scan is coming up on October 1. Once we get the results back from that, I’ll be ready to tell the world. That is just freaky…

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Our First Ultrasound

I finally got it scanned in and edited. Behold our baby Wicket blob!

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8 Week Catchup

It has been a short lifetime since I last posted. I’ve been so tired these past few weeks that it has been hard to be motivated enough to do much of anything.

Telling my parents went really well. We gave my father the onesie under the guise that it was an overdue birthday present (that was in there, as well). At first, he thought it was for the dog, but after a while, he clued in. My mother looked at us and said “You’re not…” and then proceeded to jump up and down yelling “Oh my God! Oh my God!” I honestly thought that she was going to tackle The Boy. She’s bursting at the seams to spread the word, but knows she has to wait another 5 weeks before she can tell the world.

In other news, we had our first ultrasound at 6 weeks and 4 days. We saw the flicker of the heartbeat, which was pretty unbelievable. Right now baby Wicket looks like a blob, but when we get out next ultrasound in 3 or 4 weeks, it should actually look like a little person. Crazy talk, I tell you.

I also finally took my first belly shot today. Here I am at 8 weeks, rocking my lovely bloat:

8 Week Belly

As far as symptoms go, I’ve had wicked heartburn and some nausea. No vomiting so far, which I hope keeps up. My boobs have taken on a life of their own. The worst thing I’m dealing with is fatigue. I can barely run an errand without having to come home and take a nap. The upcoming semester should prove to be a challenge. I’m nervous, but know that the distraction of being out and about will do me a world of good.

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Telling the Parental Units

The Boy and I are off to tell my parents about the Baby Ewok (did I mention that’s what we’re calling the baby?) tonight. It’s strange, I’m nervous like I’m going to get in trouble or something. I have no worries, they’ll be over the moon about it. My mom knew we were ttc in general, but no specifics. This will be their 8th grandchild. To tell them, we bought them these:

We got one for my mom too, but don’t have a picture. It says “What Happens at Grandma’s Stays at Grandma’s. It should be an interesting evening. 🙂

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What happened you ask? I took a test the morning of 12 DPO. We watched it for a couple of minutes, and decided it was a BFN. I threw the test out and started my morning routine. After a short time, I was curious and pulled the test out of the trash. What’s this I see? A faint line? It was at about the 10 minute mark, so I wasn’t sure if the result was reliable or not. I decided to test the next day. I updated my girls on GP and asked them not to congratulate me just yet. I was afraid of huge disappointment.

Flash forward to the next morning and another ambiguous result from a cheapie Dollar Tree test. I decided to back things up with a digital. In no time at all the word Pregnant popped up on the screen. Still not convinced after getting a false BFP on a digital my first cycle, I called my doctor’s office for a blood test. About 3:30 that afternoon, I got the call… OFFICIALLY PREGNANT.

I told my BFF this weekend and am waiting for a cute onesie to arrive so that we can tell my parents. The Boy’s parents are both passed, so they’re the only ones we’ll tell until after 12 weeks. In the meantime, stick, baby, stick!

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The suspense is killing me!

Here I sit at 11 DPO. I had a temp spike this morning, which was good because I had a dip the day before and was starting to worry… I’m trying to ignore all of the phantom symptoms that are swirling around me. I’m hopeful, but also pretty damn scared of being let down. The Boy looks at my chart after a jump like today and asks me what it all means. All I can tell him that we’re currently still in the game and only time will tell how it will all turn out.

I’ve been dying to test, but made a promise to a couple of my GP girls (hi mrsh and Angie!) that I wouldn’t do anything until Thursday. A person of my word, I plan to wait until then. It’s so hard with all of those tests lying around the house. The Boy jokes that I should line them up on the ground and do an MC Hammer on them, so I can pee on a whole bunch of tests at once. Silly boy, but I loves him.

So, think good thoughts for me, give me some high temp spikes, and dump some BFP dust on me for when tomorrow comes.

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