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My Brush with the Law

A strange thing happened to me last night. It was a normal Wednesday night, and I taught my classes, ending at 10:00 PM per usual. My in-class exercise caused me to need to bring a small rolling suitcase with me to schlep about 500 lbs worth of magazines to my classroom (don’t worry, I had my students do the heavy lifting of the bag when necessary).

I was heading to my car and noticed a campus police cruiser nearby. Grateful that the parking lot was being monitored so late at night, I started loading my bags into the car. The cruiser starts creeping up the aisle opposite the one that I was in. The officer was looking at me and taking into the walkie talkie on his shoulder. In my head, I was going back and forth between what does he want from me? and he’s got to be looking at something else. I was even ready to argue the fact that I was faculty and was legally parked in the lot (being so late, it’s a moot point, anyways).

Finally, the car stops and the officer gets out of the car and starts walking slowly towards me. Completely confused, I speak:

Me: Hi

Officer: Hello… um, I think your husband is looking for you.

Me: He is? That’s odd.

Officer: Yes, he called dispatch.

Me: Hmmmm, well I AM pregnant… (fish my phone out of my purse) Yep… three missed calls.

Officer, after confirming finding the “missing person” with his dispatcher: We worry about you ladies!

Me: Clearly! It’s actually kind of cute

Come to find out that The Boy misread my teaching schedule and thought I was supposed to end at 7:30, not 10:00. Of course, every horrible scenario ran through his head, but alas, I was where I was supposed to be. I’ve actually been teaching this Wednesday night schedule THE WHOLE TIME I HAVE BEEN TEACHING THE PAST YEAR, but I digress. The officer was extremely nice and I thanked him profusely for looking out for me. At least they had something to talk about in this dispatch office that night.

One of the first things I asked him was, “you didn’t call my mother, did you?” She would have lost her shit completely, especially now that I’m pregnant.

It’s good to know that there’s someone in my life who is looking out for my well-being, even if he’s a doofus that doesn’t know how to read the university schedule… a university he works at, as well. I love that man of mine!


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Note to self…

The next time The Boy suggests that I stop at Burger King on the way home from school at 10:00, just hang up the phone and keep driving. It’s wrecked me for the entire day.

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