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So, it’s getting close to testing time. I’ve been spending too much money lately on pregnancy tests, so I decided to take a trip to the Dollar Tree to get some cheapies. There isn’t a store close to me, so The Boy and I took a drive to Waterbury to track some down and run some other errands.

We go into the store and head right to the “health care” section. I warned The Boy that I was going to buy a bunch of them, and loaded up my arms with 8 of them. We get to the register and see that there is a rack of them there too. I turn to him, make a crack about pregnancy tests being an impulse item, and grab two more to add to my collection.

To preface: In the spirit of being green, we don’t get plastic bags whenever we can. With that in mind, here’s the exchange with the poor young guy at the register:

Me: We don’t need a bag.
Cashier looks at me like I have three heads. He continues checking us out.
Him: Are you sure you don’t want a bag? (embarrassed for both himself and me, I think)
Me: Nope, I’m cool… I’ve got no shame. I’ll just hold the boxes backwards
Cashier laughs and loads up my arms with pregnancy tests.
The Boy laughs and thanks the kid, giving him a look as if to say Just think of what I have to deal with every day!

One of the things I love about The Boy is how he’s game for any harebrained scheme I have got going on. He’ll support me with whatever I want to do, even if the kid who rang us up will have a great stories to tell the folks at home. Hey, he looked like he was having a crappy day, and we at least got him to laugh!

When will I test, you ask? I’m about 8 DPO today, so I’m thinking I’ll test at about 10 DPO or so. Think good thoughts! Oh, and I promised The Boy that I’d let him POAS and give himself a test. Damn, I should have bought 11!


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Trying to Keep it Light

Within my quest to get pregnant lies another quest not to freak the fuck out at every turn. Yesterday sucked, no doubt, but on the whole, I’m trying to relax as much as I can through the process.

I’ve finally found a way to deal with my 2ww symptoms, in a way befitting to my family. The conversation in my house goes like this:

Me to H: I think I’m pregnant
::H looks at me questioningly::
Me: Nevermind, false alarm

Hey, whatever gets you through the day, right?

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