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I can finally exhale a little bit. I’ve been begging my doctor to let me do more, so she scheduled a growth scan for last Friday to check out Wicket and my placental tear. Her logic was, if the baby is measuring right on, then the blood flow is good and the risk of placental issues low.

Okay, cool… I’d been measuring right on the whole time, so the odds were in my favor. I arrived at my appointment with my fingers crossed.

In addition, while I was in for that appointment, we would also do our 1 hour glucose test. It’s early in my pregnancy for it by a few weeks, so I was a little paranoid as to why my doctor wanted to do it so soon. In reality it was more of a well, you’re here, so may as well get it out of the way type of thing, rather than any real cause for concern.

The great news? The tear is completely gone! My low lying placenta? Moved up! My doctor’s imposed rest? Eased (I just have to be smart about what I do, since I’ve been sitting on my ass since September). My glucose test? Passed with flying colors. Baby Wicket is looking fantastic, which is great!

The only minor cause for concern is that my iron was a touch low. This honestly doesn’t shock me, since I’ve struggled with borderline anemia in the past and have had to take iron supplements. All this means for me now is that I have to take an iron supplement every other day along with my regular prenatal vitamin. I’ve been so exhausted, I’m hoping that maybe it is partially because of the iron deficiency, and once I get those levels up, I’ll feel better.

With all the other things I’ve had to worry about, I’ll take slightly low iron. I’m so relieved.

As an aside, my doctor said that I just need to keep Wicket contained for another 14 weeks and the rest is just gravy. Ummm… what? 14 weeks? That’s like… soon! I’ve got to get cracking, it seems.


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